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Field Staff App

Our Field Staff App takes care of your day-to-day employee scheduling, assignment coordination, and safety management. Effortlessly monitor your remote workforce and maintain a real-time log of their activities with just a few clicks. Plus, manage orders, progress reports, attendance, inventories, and payments effortlessly.

Attendance Management

Employees can quickly log in to mark their attendance, and the system captures location details and timestamps, providing accurate attendance records. Dual Punching is seamlessly managed, ensuring reliability.  Office users have the option to use the ESSL device, and the admin can easily upload the data to the system. This feature streamlines attendance tracking for a hassle-free experience.

Activity Tracking

The system allows employees to log activity, time, and customer details with GPS tracking. Team leaders can approve these details on the backend web portal. Admins can view and track employee activities, calculating time spent for the day and month.

Duty Assigning

Employees can easily check their assigned duties and update the status as required. Managers keep track of these updates on a timeline through the web portal. Admins have the ability to see the tasks and monitor employees efficiently. This system ensures that duties are well-managed with real-time oversight.

Leave management

Employees can apply for leave and keep track of their leave history conveniently. Team leads have the authority to approve and update leave requests based on employee activities. Admins can easily add leave details for each employee in the web portal and have access to view the leave history of each employee.

Pay Slip Management

Employees can download their payslips directly from the app, providing a convenient way to access salary information. Admins have the ability to update salary days, incentive details, and any additional information to be included on the payslip. The system generates the salary slip, accessible through the app by both employees and the admin panel. This feature streamlines the salary management process, ensuring accessibility and transparency for both employees and administrators.

Web Portal

Within the web portal, Branch Admins and Managers oversee their teams effectively, handling duty assignments, tracking activities in real-time, and accessing insightful reports. This centralized platform ensures efficient team management and informed decision-making.

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