WoollyFin: Enabling Seamless Transactions for Carpenters and Contractors

Woolly Farms is dedicated to health and sustainability through clean, scientific agricultural practices, ensuring consumers receive unadulterated nutritional value from their food. In line with their commitment to innovation and efficiency, we collaborated with WoollyFarms to develop WoollyFin, an intuitive app designed specifically for carpenters and contractors.

WoollyFin provides a user-friendly platform for carpenters and contractors to manage their transactions with Woolly Farms. Upon registration, users can easily log in using their phone number and access the app’s features. They can then place orders directly through the app, simplifying the procurement process.

One of the key features of WoollyFin is the ability for users to upload invoices for their placed orders directly within the app. Once an invoice is uploaded, it is automatically received by the backend administrator for review. Once approved, users are rewarded with points based on their transaction.

These reward points are a central feature of WoollyFin, allowing users to track their points balance, view transaction history, and redeem points for various rewards. Users have the flexibility to redeem their points in multiple ways:

Reward Redemption: WoollyFarms has partnered with other companies to offer rewards for points redemption. Users can exchange their points for grocery items, coupons, or other products and services offered by WoollyFarms’ partners.

Direct Bank Transfer: Users also have the option to redeem their points through direct bank transfers. However, there is a threshold for points redemption, ensuring users have enough points before requesting a transfer. This threshold can be adjusted as needed by the administrator.

Additionally, WoollyFin includes features to prevent duplicate invoice uploads, ensuring the integrity of transactions. Users receive notifications to stay updated on their transaction status and point balance, improving their overall experience with the app.


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