PayU India Presents #UpStart Live Event: Assessing Entrepreneurial Traits for Scaling New Peaks with Sreekesh Pai, Co-founder & Director of Smacon Technologies Private Limited

We are pleased to announce that Sreekesh Pai, Co-founder & Director of Smacon Technologies Private Limited, conducted a session titled #UpStart Live, presented by PayU India. The event took place on September 15th 202 at 3:30 PM, focused on the theme of assessing entrepreneurial traits for scaling new peaks.

During this insightful session, Sreekesh Pai shared his expertise and experiences, drawing from personal stories and insights from ancient texts like Puranas. He discussed various strategies for assessing entrepreneurial success factors, navigating the complexities of long-term and short-term startup strategies, and the importance of agility and adaptability in entrepreneurship.

The session proved to be an enlightening experience for attendees, offering practical advice and actionable insights to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate their startup journey with confidence.


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