Web development today is different from what it used to be before. Latest technologies, features and trends require you to be innovative in whatever you do. The experts at Webandcrafts make use of cutting edge technologies to offer you the best solutions. We see each project as an opportunity to enhance the possibilities of your business and that of internet as a whole.

Smacon Technologies has extensive experience in implementing enterprise content management systems (ECM) for customers across the globe. Today the walls between an organization's Web Content Management, Enterprise Collaboration, Document Management and Records Management are crumbling, as these disparate systems can be brought together within a successful ECM implementation. This in turn allows organizations to communicate their message internally and externally in a timely fashion, listen to their clients, employees and partners, drive web traffic to their site and allow visitors access to what they need easily without compromising security.

Why the cloud ?

Cloud computing focuses on sharing of resources, forming a converged infrastructure and maximising the effectiveness of the shared resource. The cloud provides you with a larger computing power, accommodate more number of users and dynamically reallocate resources as per demand.

Cloud based environment

We help you scale your applications and resources to a whole new level. Your existing applications will be upgraded to the cloud platform, enabling platform independent accessibility, scalability, easy maintenance and flexibility.

Content Management System

Be empowered! Upgrade yourself from the conventional way of approaching the company when you are in need of modifying the website. Make the website look the way you want by making changes as you please.

B2B Platforms

Nurture business by collaborating with clients online. With internet culture on the rise, businesses have been compelled to make their presence felt online. The best strategy and optimal solution can help you traverse through today’s challenging market scenario.