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We provide various customer-focused features to improve the shopping experience. With simple sign-up, account setup, and notifications, customers stay informed and engaged. They can easily manage orders, payments, and inquiries with our in-app chat support. Additionally, our smooth return process and support ensure a hassle-free shopping experience.

Customer Onboarding

This feature lets your customers sign up easily with a few simple steps and extra security checks, ensuring safe login and logout.

Account Set-up

The customer can update their personal information, choose their preferred language and location, add an address, locate a store, check their order.

Push Notifications

This feature offers notifications for deals, price reductions, order status updates, and other important  information.

Easy Ordering

The buyer can add or remove products from their cart, adjust quantities, access product details, browse by category, choose delivery addresses.

In-App chat

If the customer has any questions about their order, payments, account, or needs to report an issue, they can reach out to customer support via phone.

Initiate Returns

This feature gives customers detailed information about the return policy and procedure, as well as support for shipping and payment questions.


This feature contains the privacy policy and store information. Customers can share their feedback and comments regarding the store, products.

3rd Party API Integration

We offer 3rd party API and payment gateway integration services to WordPress CMS for a seamless, secure and better user experience. 

WordPress Plugin Development Services

Our team of WordPress developers specializes in crafting custom plugins to meet your specific needs. These plugins are designed to improve.

Collaboration Across Technology Ecosystem

What Our Clients Have to Say

SMACON helps companies with solutions that give results. Our experts understand your challenges and pain points to give you the best solutions.

Anil Vincent Managing Partner, Ez Parts Tec

Smacon Technologies Private Limited designed an accessible system for suppliers, making them more likely to use the product. Although they were unfamiliar with the automotive industry, the team welcomed the challenge. Overall, they were a helpful, time-oriented, and communicative partner.

Alex Thomas CEO, Baby Marine Seafood Retail

The team worked hard throughout the project, demonstrating their positive attitude and professionalism while communicating well and always making themselves reachable. The project was a success and is now live with tens of thousands of users.

Navin Manickchan Managing Director, Keystone MEP Services

Smacon Technologies did not have access to the hardware device for testing, leading to sending the app for testing and working off feedback via email ultimately delivering an app that met all requirements. They were fully responsive and clearly invested in finding solutions.

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