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Making it easier to own an online store and get conversions.


Streamline your supply chain with AI-driven demand forecasting and real-time digital twin modeling for optimized decision-making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Motivate customers with loyalty points.

Our IT solutions for inventory management help businesses to track and organize inventory in their repair, reclaim and return processes.

Connect directly to your existing logistics provider. Automate pickup, delivery tracking, return etc.

Inventory, Catalogues, Sales order and status stay automatically updated. 

Retargeting, re-engagement and abandoned cart recovery automation. 

Keep Customer informed with Email, Whatsapp, SMS and Push notifications

The geo-fencing tool is a web portal with advanced features which enables the business owner to create different areas and sectors by drawing boundaries in the map with highest precision.  Delivery areas as well as each vendor’s/ store’s area of operations can be well defined.  

Customers while visiting store or app will be allowed to choose their delivery location; based on the user's location product catalog will be displayed.  The Business owner can decide deliverable locations in the geo fencing tool and assign the catalog or vendor for each deliverable location.  If customer Is from a non serving location; customers details will be captured and appropriate communication will be done.  

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Ready-to-GO Ecommerce Packages

Our tech-stack keeps the Costs LOW, while integrations ensures smooth operations.

B2C E-commerce

Grow your business online with our B2C ecommerce solutions. We create custom websites and strategies to help you reach more customers.

B2B E-commerce

Make your B2B online selling better with tools that suit your needs.Our feature-rich solutions offer real-time tracking, personalized interactions, and seamless app integration.

Marketplace E-commerce

Build a successful Multi-Vendor marketplace that sells 10 times more. Focus on growth while the admin handles vendors & orders. Enjoy diverse products from multiple vendors in one cart

Hyper Local Ecommerce

Make your  online store with location-based features. Offer special deals or products based on your customers’ locations. Improve connection and competitiveness while becoming a local favorite.

Customer App

Our Customer App makes shopping a joy with easy search, wish lists, and comparisons. Enjoy flexible payment options and guest checkout, plus stay informed with convenient notifications.

Delivery App

Ensure timely deliveries with real-time route optimization and end-to-end delivery tracking, and grow your business by 10x.

Asked Questions

Yes, you can make a personalized online store for your B2B brand. This platform is flexible and lets you design it just how you want, perfect for your wholesale business

This platform helps make B2B business smoother. It adds tools that automate tasks and make things work better for your wholesale brand

Sure, this platform lets you set different prices for different customers or places. So, you can tailor prices based on who's buying or where they're located.

This platform speeds up sales for B2B businesses. It has tools like quote requests, custom prices, and chat features to make selling easier and quicker.

Yes, each seller on the multi-vendor ecommerce platform receives a dedicated dashboard to manage their products and orders. Additionally, you have the option to develop an admin app that sellers can utilize.

Yes, you can integrate multiple logistics providers into your marketplace, allowing sellers to choose one for shipping their orders. Sellers can also opt for their own delivery partners or local delivery services.

Yes, you can utilize the same marketplace for both B2C and B2B transactions. You have the flexibility to configure different product pricing based on customer roles.

Yes, customers can conveniently order products from various sellers within a single cart. Each order will be created separately for each seller and will be assigned accordingly.

Yes, the multi-vendor ecommerce platform offers price overrides and linked products features. With these functionalities, one product can be sold by different sellers at different prices.

You can set up marketplace fees through ledger rules. Each seller has their own ledger reflecting marketplace fees and payouts. Additionally, you can generate tax invoices for sellers for these fees.

A hyperlocal marketplace serves customers within a specific geographic location or zone. Stores listed under a hyperlocal marketplace cater to the local area and its delivery range.

A hyperlocal marketplace focuses on fulfilling immediate demand from nearby stores, typically within hours. In contrast, an ecommerce marketplace serves customers across broader geographical areas, including domestic and international markets, with orders often taking days or weeks to fulfill.

Yes, SMACON allows you to create location-based substores. You can set up different substores for various cities using the store variants feature or create substores based on PIN codes using the store location feature.

Yes, you can create location-based products in your StoreHippo-powered store. First, set up location-based substores, then assign products to specific substores when adding or editing them.

Yes, our platform provides carrier management functionality. With this feature, you can easily add a custom delivery partner or manage local delivery associates right from your admin panel.

Yes, our platform allows you to add payment methods based on geolocation. You can set up payment options specific to countries, cities, and ZIP codes.

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