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We handle everything from managing your store to creating a great experience for your customers. From design to delivery and software integration, we’ve got you covered

Magento Development

We focus on speeding up the launch of online stores and applications, offering seamless integration for both multi-vendor and single-vendor options. We have expertise in integrating these stores with ERP systems like SAP and Oracle.

Ecommerce App

Our Ecommerce App helps businesses improve their delivery operations. We offer features to streamline delivery planning and management, ultimately aiming to make deliveries faster and more efficient, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Delivery App

Explore our delivery app designed to simplify and streamline the delivery process, ensuring prompt and reliable services for your customers.

ERP Integrations

Benefit from in-depth ERP integrations ensuring smooth connectivity and synchronization with diverse systems. Our integrations guarantee seamless operations and efficient data management.


We’re here to make your Joomla website better for online sales. In a month, we’ll improve your site by adding store features or smoothly adding Joomla. Our solutions aren’t just good, they’re designed to do well, meeting your needs and going above industry norms.


We’re here to improve your sales potential. Whether you need a smooth e-commerce setup or an excellent online store made with WordPress, we can do it. Our focus is on user-friendly setups and customized solutions, all to make your online sales as good as they can be for your audience.


With our Shopify expertise, we focus on making visually attractive, mobile-friendly online stores. Our priority is increasing your revenue with easy-to-use designs, smooth setups, and customizations aimed at helping you sell more.


At Smacon, we’re here to optimize your Joomla website for successful online sales. Within a month, we’ll skillfully upgrade your site by enhancing…


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