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Deliveries done right with real time tracking and optimization

Ensure timely deliveries with real-time route optimization and end-to-end delivery tracking, and grow your business by 10x.

Intuitive App Experience

Build a delivery app for your customers and a delivery service management solution for your business.


We build a delivery app using a delivery app builder, allowing your customers to request pickup and delivery services directly from the website or app.

Real-time Tracking

Build a delivery app to help your customers track their orders in real-time, keeping them informed of delivery status with precise ETAs.

Easy Payment Methods

Customers can pay using their preferred payment method through integrated payment gateways, ensuring a smooth checkout process.

Auto Pick-up and delivery dispatch

Use our delivery app builder and enjoy an auto-allocation feature for easy pickups and deliveries to your delivery agents. When a new delivery order comes in, the delivery partner instantly receives a notification alert on their app to accept it.

Managed Deliveries & Cost-Efficient Routes

Build a delivery app with a fully-featured dashboard to receive and manage pickup and delivery requests from all sources in one place. Use an On-Demand delivery app builder to minimize delivery costs and save time with automated route optimization.

Optimized routes and proof of delivery

Develop a delivery app to offer your agents optimized routes for navigating to multiple destinations, ensuring on-time deliveries. With our On-Demand delivery app development, agents can collect electronic delivery proofs such as scan barcodes, notes, images, and digital signatures.

In-app Chat and Rating System

Our On-Demand delivery app features an integrated live-chat support system for both website and app, allowing customers to receive hassle-free assistance without human contact. Enable customers to provide honest feedback based on their experience with your pickup and delivery business.

Analytics and Reports

Create a delivery app that enables faster data-driven insights to help you understand your customers’ behavior and target them with products that offer more value. Access real-time and historical performance reports for your On-Demand delivery business to make better growth decisions.

Collaboration Across Technology Ecosystem

What Our Clients Have to Say

SMACON helps companies with solutions that give results. Our experts understand your challenges and pain points to give you the best solutions.

Anil Vincent Managing Partner, Ez Parts Tec

Smacon Technologies Private Limited designed an accessible system for suppliers, making them more likely to use the product. Although they were unfamiliar with the automotive industry, the team welcomed the challenge. Overall, they were a helpful, time-oriented, and communicative partner.

Alex Thomas CEO, Baby Marine Seafood Retail

The team worked hard throughout the project, demonstrating their positive attitude and professionalism while communicating well and always making themselves reachable. The project was a success and is now live with tens of thousands of users.

Navin Manickchan Managing Director, Keystone MEP Services

Smacon Technologies did not have access to the hardware device for testing, leading to sending the app for testing and working off feedback via email ultimately delivering an app that met all requirements. They were fully responsive and clearly invested in finding solutions.

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