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If you handle a sizable amount of data on a daily basis then we can help you turn that into useful, crucial information in the form of analytics dashboards using Power BI and add-ons to make better and more effective decisions using real-time data.

Data Strategy and Consulting

Using advanced data analytics, we assist in developing effective data strategies and offer expert guidance on data governance, quality, integration, and architecture.

Data Modernization

With Data Modernization you can extract value from your data by offering tools and processes for analyzing and visualizing data at different speeds. We also implement governance and data quality methods to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your data.

Data Warehousing

Use our Data Warehousing services to smoothly transfer your data to its designated location, whether it’s an on-site data warehouse or a cloud-based platform. We design a personalized data warehouse by analyzing business needs, incorporating a strong BI framework, data integration structure, and an intelligent database.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence solutions make decision-making easier and daily tasks more efficient, like reporting and emailing. Designed to reduce risks and drive growth, our BI solutions strategically support your business.

Data Lake Implementation

We help you in setting up and managing a centralized data repository, capable of storing large volumes of raw and unstructured data from various sources. Our services include designing and integrating this repository with your current systems for generating actionable insights.

Data Governance

We focus on essential aspects of data management, including maintaining data integrity, ensuring security, and complying with regulations. Our consulting services help establish effective policies and procedures to manage data throughout its lifecycle.

Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Our cloud-based Analytics as a Service (AaaS) offers access to advanced data analytics and business intelligence features without requiring extensive internal infrastructure or expertise. This helps reduce costs associated with managing and building analytics infrastructure.

Big Data

Big Data ensures smooth operation of data-rich systems and effective processing and analysis of large datasets. We extract valuable insights from complex data, maximizing its value and minimizing maintenance expenses.

Data Visualization

Our team of experts comprehends your business requirements and key performance indicators (KPIs), assisting in creating intuitive dashboards. With our visualization services, we simplify intricate datasets into engaging graphics, enabling you to spot trends and compare product performances with clarity and accuracy.

Data Science

Use vast and diverse data sets, including structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, to gain insights for Supply Chain Analytics, Trade Promotion, Predictive Analytics, Forecasting, Classification, and other data-driven applications using advanced data analytics technologies.

ERP Suite

Features of SAP S/4HANA 1610 – The Next Generation ERP Suite


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